Quote for the Week


Weapons are instruments of evil omen;

Creation abhors them.


One who aspires to the Way

does not abide in them.

The superior man

at home honors the left,

on the battlefield honors the right.


Weapons are not instruments of the superior man;

Weapons are instruments of evil omen,

to be used only when there is no other choice.

He places placidity above all

and refuses to prettify weapons.

If one prettifies weapons,

this is to delight in the killing of others.


One who delights in the killing of others

Cannot exercise his will over all under heaven.

For this reason,

On occasions for celebration,

the left is given priority,

On occasions for mourning,

the right is given priority.


A deputy general stands on the left,

The general-in-chief stands at the right.

In other words,

They stand in accordance with mourning ritual.

The killing of masses of human beings,

We bewail with sorrow and grief.

Victory in battle,

we commemorate with mourning ritual.

Tao Te Ching, translated by Victor H. Mair

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