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Elton John for Saturday

In full 70’s flamboyance!  Enjoy!

Verdi for the Weekend: “Four Sacred Pieces”

Bruckner’s 9th Symphony for the Weekend

Roger Zare for the Weekend



Paul McCartney Live for the Weekend


I saw McCartney on his Flowers in the Dirt tour in 1990.  It remains one of the best, if not the best, rock concerts I’ve ever been too.  This album is a faithful representation of that tour, and thus one of my favorite albums.  Enjoy!

Miriam Makeba Live for the Weekend

King’s X Live for the Weekend

The Pretenders for the Weekend (Again)


A live version of a song from my favorite Pretenders album, Learning to Crawl.

The Heart Sutra for the Weekend

A Rare, Retro Team-up

A different take on “Wouldn’t It Be Good”, with Howard Jones as guest.