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Quote for the Week

It isn’t that I object to it. I just feel it’s the wrong adjective as applied to the films I do. Because horror to me is, say, a film like The Godfather. Or anything to do with war, which is real and can happen, and unfortunately, no doubt, will happen again some time. But the films that dear Christopher Lee and I do are really fantasy. And I think fantasy is a better adjective to use. I don’t object to the term horror, it’s just the wrong adjective!

Peter Cushing Interview 1973 (1973); courtesy Wikiquote

Saturday Matinee: The Strange Possession of Mrs. Oliver

Late, Late Movie: Frogs


Killer frogs!  Campy 70’s production values!  Sam Elliot!  ‘Nuff said!

Monday Matinee: Dr. Phibes Rises Again


The sequel to yesterday’s matinee.  Because you can never have too much Vincent Price.

Movie Night: Werewolf of London


A classic horror film, which, along with Lon Chaney, Jr.’s The Wolf Man, was the seminal werewolf movie.

Friday Matinee: The Golem

Movie Night: The Crimson Cult


Cults!  Horror!  Camp!  Christopher Lee!  Boris Karloff!  ‘Nuff said!

Wednesday Matinee: End of the World


Dark religious secrets, aliens, and Christopher Lee!  ‘Nuff said!  (h/t to Christopher Knowles)

Sunday Matinee: Boris Karloff’s Thriller: “The Terror in Teakwood”

Movie Night: The Pit and the Pendulum