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Alanis Morissette for the Weekend

Anna Nalick for the Weekend

A Grateful Dead Cover

It’s not Friday yet, but this is a fantastic cover of my favorite Grateful Dead song, and somehow it strikes me as appropriate in the current quarantine conditions.  Enjoy!

A Song from Sting

A Song from Lord of the Rings


Keeping with the Halloween theme for this week.

Some Groovie Ghoulies for Halloween

A blast from the past for Halloween!

A Blast from the 90’s for Wednesday


Yesterday was “Radio Gaga”; today is Lady Gaga!  Long-time readers know that Lady Gaga is pretty big around here, so no suprise!  This is her duet with Bradley Cooper from the new version of A Star is Born.  Enjoy!

Radio Gaga

In keeping with yesterday’s Metropolis theme and Friday’s Queen theme.  Enjoy!