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Movie Night: The Great Houdini

A somewhat fictionalized, but fun, biopic on Harry Houdini.

Sunday Matinee: The People

Saturday Matinee: The Strange Possession of Mrs. Oliver

Friday Matinee: The Astral Factor

Wednesday Matinee: Poor Devil

Saturday Matinee: Invastion of the Bee Girls


Some good old-fashioned 70’s schlock for the afternoon!

Saturday Matinee: Why Shoot the Teacher?

A made-for-Canadian TV drama.

Late, Late Movie: Frogs


Killer frogs!  Campy 70’s production values!  Sam Elliot!  ‘Nuff said!

Monday Matinee: Dr. Phibes Rises Again


The sequel to yesterday’s matinee.  Because you can never have too much Vincent Price.

Sunday Matinee: The Abominable Dr. Phibes

Horror!  70’s camp!  Vincent Price!  ‘Nuff said!