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STTMP, Part 7: Director


In the course of this reconsideration of Star Trek:  The Motion Picture, we’ve looked at all the major aspects of production except for what some consider the most important, the director.  I don’t really have any strong feelings either way with regard to the auteur theory–I think there are cases to be made both ways.  In either case, the director is certainly one of the most important aspects of any film; and the director chosen to helm STTMP was the distinguished veteran filmmaker Robert Wise.

Robert Wise was a Hollywood veteran of long standing, who had worked in almost all cinematic genres.  He won Academy Awards for West Side Story and The Sound of Music.  More germane to the present consideration, he directed the movie widely considered to be the best science fiction movie of the 1950’s, The Day the Earth Stood StillHe also directed the science fiction thriller The Andromeda Strain.  Unlike later directors who often stamped their personality onto all their films, Wise had a reputation as a consummate craftsman who worked with what he was given to make the best movies he could.  Wise had not been familiar with Star Trek, but he had been a favorite director of Gene Roddenberry.  Thus, after several possible directors were discussed, Wise was chosen to direct Star Trek:  The Motion Picture.

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Movie Night: The Great Houdini

A somewhat fictionalized, but fun, biopic on Harry Houdini.

Sunday Matinee: The People

Saturday Matinee: The Strange Possession of Mrs. Oliver

Friday Matinee: The Astral Factor

Wednesday Matinee: Poor Devil

Saturday Matinee: Invastion of the Bee Girls


Some good old-fashioned 70’s schlock for the afternoon!

Saturday Matinee: Why Shoot the Teacher?

A made-for-Canadian TV drama.

Late, Late Movie: Frogs


Killer frogs!  Campy 70’s production values!  Sam Elliot!  ‘Nuff said!

Monday Matinee: Dr. Phibes Rises Again


The sequel to yesterday’s matinee.  Because you can never have too much Vincent Price.