Religious Miscellany: Index


The vast majority of the religion-oriented essays I’ve written here have been parts of various series:  Legends of the Fall, The Pretty Good Book, and so on.  However, there have been a few random essays that didn’t fit specifically within any of my series.  Moreover, I have some ideas for non-series related essays on various religious topics that I will be writing and posting in the near future, as time permits.  I thought it might not be a bad idea to have a central location from which these essays may be found; therefore this:  another index page!  I hope the essays here will be of interest to all, and there will be more to come.

Religion and Religions

I Have Sinned, but It Wasn’t My Fault

Theism:  Poly, Mono, Heno, and Other Options

How to Make a Universe

The Brothers Guthrie:  Pagan Christianity of the Early 20th Century

How to Look at Religions

Creation vs. Emanation

The Abrahamic Faiths

The Dharmic Faiths

Dream a Little Dream

Be All That You Can Be:  Potentiality and Actuality

Story of Our Lives

Stories Like Ours

The Apple and the Multiverse Revisited:  The Emanations of God

God and Rocks

I Want Your Psycho, Your Vertigo Schtick:  Lady Gaga, Open Theology, and My 1500th Post!

Taoism in Brief

Attaining Nibbana: Orientalism, Protestantism, and Translation


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