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Moby Grape for the Weekend (and to close out the month)

Some Nik Kershaw for the Weekend

He’s in the top ten of my favorite 80’s singers (though IMO he’s had a lot of good stuff since then, too; e.g. the video here).

Rubá’í of the Day


Now Ramadan is past, Shawwal comes back,
And feast and song and joy no more we lack;
The wine-skin carriers throng the streets and cry,
“Here comes the porter with his precious pack.”

A Song about Joan of Arc


Today is her feast day.

Rubá’í of the Day


Sense, seeking happiness, bids us pursue
All present joys, and present griefs eschew;
She says, we are not as the meadow grass,
Which, when they mow it down, springs up anew.

Rubá’í of the Day


Slaves of vain wisdom and philosophy,
Who toil at Being and Nonentity,
Parching your brains till they are like dry grapes,
Be wise in time, and drink grapejuice like me!

Rubá’í of the Day


The people who the heavenly world adorn,
Who come each night, and go away each morn,
Now on Heaven’s skirt, and now in earth’s deep pouch,
While Allah lives, shall aye anew be born!

Rubá’í of the Day


The stars, who dwell on heaven’s exalted stage,
Baffle the wise diviners of our age;
Take heed, hold fast the rope of mother wit.
These augurs all distrust their own presage.

Rubá’í of the Day

when death comes

I am not one whom Death doth much dismay,
Life’s terrors all Death’s terrors far outweigh;
This life, that Heaven hath lent me for a while,
I will pay back, when it is time to pay.

Rubá’í of the Day


Ah! thou hast snared this head, though white as snow,
Which oft has vowed the wine-cup to forego;
And wrecked the mansion long resolve did build,
And rent the vesture penitence did sew!