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ABBA for New Year’s Eve


I was going to post the ultimate New Year’s song, “1999”, by Prince, but couldn’t find the actual video from the 80’s.  Oh, well–can’t go wrong with ABBA, either!  Happy New Year!

Another Genesis Cover


One of the weirder songs of Genesis’s middle period, and a personal favorite of mine.  A superb cover of the original!

Rubá’í of the Day

Drunkards are doomed to hell, so men declare,
Believe it not, ’tis but a foolish scare;
Heaven will be empty as this hand of mine,
If none who love good drink find entrance there.

In Honor of the Holy Family

The Sunday after Christmas (referred to liturgically as the “Sunday within the Octave of Christmas [that is, in the eight-day period after Christmas, inclusive]), which is today this year, celebrates the Holy Family (Jesus, Mary, and Joseph).

Quote for the Week



How many observe Christ’s birthday! How few, His precepts!
― Benjamin Franklin

Yes, it’s still the Christmas Season!  Courtesy of here.

Rubá’í of the Day

In drinking thus it is not my design
To riot, or transgress the law divine,
No! to attain unconsciousness of self
Is the sole cause I drink me drunk with wine.

Rubá’í of the Day

Though Muslims for my sins condemn and chide me,
Like heathens to my idol I confide me;
Yea, when I perish of a drunken bout,
I’ll call on wine, whatever doom betide me.

Rubá’í of the Day

One draught of wine outweighs the realm of Tus,
Throne of Kobad and crown of Kai Kawus;
Sweeter are sighs that lovers heave at morn,
Than all the groanings zealot breasts produce.

Some Christmas Music

It’s still the Christmas season (that lasts until Epiphany).  So, for this Friday’s music,  enjoy a couple hours of Christmas music!

A Blessing of Children for Holy Innocents



Courtesy of here.  This is the Feast Day of the Holy Innocents.

The feast of the Holy Innocents is a good time to teach the children about their special patrons. There is also a traditional children’s blessing for the feast of the Holy Innocents that can be performed by the parents in the absence of a priest’s blessing at church.

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