This page will serve as the index for the movies I’ve posted and continue to post to this blog.  There’s no perfect or elegant way to do this, so I’ll be setting up as follows, as the best compromise procedure:

1.  I’ll put the movies in tables of 100.  That will save space.Instead of doing an index post, as I’ve done with series, I’m adding a page, “Movies” (alongside the “Main”, “About”,  “Contact Me”,  and other tabbed pages) which will serve as the index.

2.  Alphabetizing would be too complicated, and would have to be redone after every new movie posted, so I’ll just do it chronologically–the first movie in the list will be the first posted, etc.

3.  After each link, I’ll put one or two tags to give an idea of the type of movie.

4.  As the number increases, I’ll put in more tables.

5.  Occasionally a movie I post will disappear, since the YouTube account it’s associated with is closed, or the movie is taken down by the poster, etc.  When I notice this, I usually try to fix it by finding a link elsewhere.  For items that have been up for awhile I may not be aware of what’s happened.  Thus, if you go to see something and it’s gone, contact me and I’ll see what I can do, within the constraints of my schedule and of what I can find.

6.  Shorts and certain odds and ends I may not put in the index–e.g. the first episode of the Mahabharata which I copied from the Caravanserai.  Since that’s mostly to help people get to the appropriate YouTube channel, I’m not linking it here.  By and large, though, most of what I have posted will be here.  If a movie covered more than one post, I’ll give the links to all.

There may be better ways to do this.  I’ll explore different avenues and may totally rework the index eventually.  Meanwhile, I hope this helps you find movies you like here.  Enjoy!

Update (3 April 2020):    Given the ephemeral nature of the Internet, many of the movies to which I’ve posted links are no longer available.  I tried to do some curation–find new locations where the movies were available, switch things out, etc., but things change much to fast, and I don’t have the time or energy to keep up.  I have been gradually removing posts with dead links, and then removing them here, too.  My eventual goal is to remove all the movies (after downloading any I want to keep) and to shutter this page.  At any pace I can realistically maintain, that will probably take another year, at minimum.  In the meantime, if you find anything here that’s still live, enjoy!

Movie Index, Table 1

The Dark Secret of Harvest Home (Pg. 1)The Dark Secret of Harvest Home (Pg. 2)The Dark Secret of Harvest Home (Pg. 3)horror, miniseries, Bette Davis
Born of Hopefantasy, fanfilms, Lord of the Rings
Mission to Marsscience fiction Oedipus the KingGreek tragedy, classics
Headthe Monkees, 60’s, rock, psychedelica Creature from the Haunted Seasci-fi
The Reincarnation of Peter Proudfantasy, horror Fist of the North Starfantasy, animation The Jolson Storybiography, music, Al Jolson
Caveman (Pg. 1)Caveman (Pg. 2)Caveman (Pg. 3)comedy, Ringo Starr Erik the Vikingcomedy, fantasy Becketdrama, history, Peter O’Toole, Richard Burton Jolson Sings Againbiography, music, Al Jolson
The Brotherhood of the Bellconspiracy, suspense, 70’s, TV movies The Man Without a Bodysci-fi The Return of the World’s Greatest Detectivemystery, comedy, TV movies, Larry Hagman, Sherlock Holmes The Night Peopledrama, Gregory Peck
The HobbitJ. R. R. Tolkien, fantasy, animation The Man with the X-Ray Eyessci-fi, Roger Corman Things to Comescience fiction, H. G. Wells Starship Invasionssci-fi
The Norliss Tapesconspiracy, science fiction, aliens The Power of the Witchdocumentary The Man who Could Work Miraclescomedy, Preston Sturges Kingdom of the Spiderssci-fi, horror, 70’s
Quatermass and the Pit (Pg. 1)Quatermass and the Pit (Pg. 2)Quatermass and the Pit (Pg. 3)Quatermass and the Pit (Pg. 4)Quatermass and the Pit (Pg. 5)science fiction, BBC, TV movies The Seven Per Cent Solutionmystery, Sherlock Holmes The Quiet Mancomedy, drama, John Wayne, Maureen O’Hara, John Ford, Ireland The Man in the Gray Flannel Suitdrama, Gregory Peck
The Questor Tapesscience fiction, TV movies, Gene Roddenberry The Vikingsadventure, history, Kirk Douglas The Invisible Raysci-fi Monsieur Verdouxdark comedy, black and white, Charlie Chaplin
Tajnata Knigaforeign films, suspense, Bible Double Feature:  Zontar the Thing from Venus, and The Eye Creaturessci-fi Planet of the Vampiressci-fi Solaris (1968 TV version)science fiction, Russian movies, Stanislaw Lem
Omar Khayyambiography, adventure The Outer Limits:  “Behold Eck!”science fiction, TV, Outer Limits The 4-D Mansci-fi Adam and the Doganimation, shorts
Thérèse (Pg. 1)Thérèse (Pg. 2)Thérèse (Pg. 3)biography, religion, Catholicism Plan 9 From Outer Spacesci-fi, bad movies, Ed Wood The Stepford Wives (Original)horror, Ira Levin, satire The Contenderdrama, boxing, black and white
The Tunnelscience fiction, suspense, Australian movies Incubushorror, Esperanto, William Shatner Cyborg 2087 (Pg. 1)Cyborg 2087 (Pg. 2)science fiction, time travel, Michael Rennie The Monolith Monsterssci-fi
Ancient Aliens Debunkeddocumentaries How Shatner Changed the Worlddocumentary, William Shatner Silent Running (Pg. 1)Silent Running (Pg. 2)science fiction, ecology, Bruce Dern, Douglas Trumbull The Masque of the Red DeathPoe, horror, Roger Corman, Vincent Price
The Intrudersscience fiction, aliens, conspiracy Angoroj (Pg. 1)Angoroj (Pg. 2)Esperanto Saturn 3science fiction
The Great DictatorCharlie Chaplin, B&W, comedies, classics The Cabinet of Dr. Caligarihorror, silent movies, Expressionism, classics Shivers (They Came from Within)science fiction, horror, David Cronenberg The Pit and the Pendulum Poe, horror, Roger Corman, Vincent Price
The Endcomedy, Burt Reynolds Gerda Malaperis!  mystery, Esperanto Dune (miniseries) (Pg. 1)Dune (miniseries) (Pg. 2)science fiction, miniseries, ecology, Frank Herbert The Premature BurialPoe, horror, Roger Corman, Vincent Price
The Night Stalkerhorror, suspense, 70’s movies, TV movies Nosferatuhorror, silent movies, Expressionism, classics How I Won the Warblack comedy, satire, John Lennon, Richard Lester The Tomb of LigeiaPoe, horror, Roger Corman, Vincent Price
Flying Saucers Are Realdocumentaries, science fiction, UFO’s The Land Unknownsci-fi Saving Grace (Pg. 1)Saving Grace (Pg. 2)comedy, religion, Catholicism, Tom Conti House of UsherPoe, horror, Roger Corman, Vincent Price

Movie Index, Table 2

The Terror in Teakwoodhorror, TV, Boris Karloff
Fail SafeTV, Cold War, drama, George Clooney
End of the Worldhorror, Christopher Lee
The Crimson Culthorror
The Light at the Edge of the Worldadventure, pirates, Yul Brynner
Kiss Me, Deadly

detective, film noir, Mike Hammer

The Yesterday Machine

science fiction, time travel

Cat Women of the Moon


The Disappearance of Flight 412

suspense, science fiction, TV movies

The Snow Queen

animation, fantasy

The Devil’s Daughter

horror, suspense

Dementia 13

horror, cult movies, Roger Corman, Francis Ford Coppola

White Zombie

horror, black and white movies

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