The Manhattan Project: Index

Not this kind…


…but this kind:


Now that that’s clear, let me explain:

Awhile back I put up essays on martinis and Manhattans, and recipes thereof.  In the case of the Manhattan, I did a second post, reviewing different versions made with different liquors (since the base of the Manhattan is whiskey, there’s much greater room for variation than with martinis).  I also put up a post on hot buttered rum at one point.

Anyway, I’ve been experimenting with different liquors in Manhattans and thought I might revisit the cocktail from time to time with chronicles of my experiments.  Though the main inspiration for this is the Manhattan (hey, it gave me an irresistible title….), I’ll post recipes and ruminations on other drinks here as well, from time to time.  Enjoy reading–and if anyone tries any of the recipes and lives to tell the tale, I’d like hearing from you!


What Martinis are Like in the Mirror Universe

A Drink Recipe for Cold Winter Nights

Manhattans Revisited

Notes From the Gin Mills:  The Science of Booze

Notes From the Gin Mills:  Brands, Botanicals, and Bond

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