The Pretty Good Book: Index

Nulla Scriptura

Epimenides, Gödel, and the Bible

The Pretty Good Book

Marcion, Marcion, Marcion

Athens or Jerusalem?

I’m a Dualist–Except When I’m Not

The Decline of Dualism

Dualism and Its Discontents

Dualism:  I Want Your Drama, the Touch of Your Hand

Interpretive Frameworks, Part 1:  What Is Christianity, Really?

Translations of the Bible

Interpretive Frameworks, Part 2:  Leaps of Faith

Le Coeur a ses Raisons

Axis Mundi

Excursus:  The Resurrection

Ananias and Sapphira

Dualism:  Orthodoxy, Heresy, Refrigerators, and Lawn Mowers

The Downside of Dualism:  Body and Soul

Leaps of Faith Revisited:  Why Do We Believe What We Believe?

Picking and Choosing:  The New Testament


Picking and Choosing:  The Old Testament

Addenda:  The preceding posts complete, to my satisfaction, the basic arc of what I originally wanted to say about the Bible.  Unlike the case with “Legends of the Fall”, I don’t have any issues that need to expand or modify the original series.  Rather, I will post essays I write about the Bible or Biblical themes as they occur to me, since this is logically where they should be indexed.  In some cases, such posts may refine or nuance earlier posts; in others, they will be “stand-alones” that just happen to be about the Bible.

C. S. Lewis on the Old Testament

We Had to Destroy the Bible to Save It

Buffy, the Bible, and Not My Business

The New Testament, translated by David Bentley Hart–a Review

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