Series Indices

These are the indices for the various topical series (some ongoing) of posts that I have put up.  As new series are added, I’ll put their indices here, too.  Thus you can get to the indices from here or from the sidebar.  Series do not include unconnected themes such as music videos, etc., though I may add another page linking to them in the future.

The Atonement

Church, Churches, and Church History

Daily Whitman

The Decline and Fall of Television

A Double Shadow

Dualism: I’m of Two Minds On It



The Lady Gaga Project

Legends of the Fall

The Manhattan Project

Mystery Science Theater 3000

Polygenism, Human Origins, and the Soul

The Pretty Good Book


Religion, Role-playing, and Reality

Religious Miscellany

Reviews, Views, and Culture, Pop and Otherwise: Index

Rubá’í of the Day

Science and Technology


The 70’s

Star Trek

Star Trek:  The Motion Picture:  A Reconsideration

This or That

Time after Time (after time after time after time): Serials, Series, and Pop Culture

Towards a Gnostic Orthodoxy

Universalism (What the Hell?!)

You Pays Your Money and Takes Your Chances:  Free Will

Your Own Personal Altar

Your Own Personal Canon

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