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Arvo Pärt: Tabula Rasa

Rubá’í of the Day

There is a mystery I know full well,
Which to all, good and bad, I can not tell;
My words are dark, but I can not unfold
The secrets of the station where I dwell.

Rubá’í of the Day

‘Twas writ at first, whatever was to be,
By pen, unheeding bliss or misery,
Yea, writ upon the tablet once for all,
To murmur or resist is vanity.

Rubá’í of the Day

Pagodas, just as mosques, are homes of prayer,
‘Tis prayer that church-bells chime unto the air,
Yea, Church and Kaaba, Rosary and Cross
Are all but divers tongues of world-wide prayer.

Rubá’í of the Day

Days changed to nights, ere you were born, or I,
And on its business ever rolled the sky;
See you tread gently on this dust-perchance
‘Twas once the apple of some beauty’s eye.

Movie Night: Nosferatu

Another silent horror classic, and another triumph of German Expressionist cinema.

An Interesting Genesis Cover

Gerda Malaperis! (Gerda Disappeared!)

Ankoraŭ unua filmo en Esperanto! (Sin subtitoloj, bedaŭinde)  (Another film in Esperanto!  [Without subtitles, unfortunately])

Rubá’í of the Day

This jug did once, like me, love’s sorrows taste,
And bonds of beauty’s tresses once embraced,
This handle, which you see upon its side,
Has many a time twined round a slender waist!

Where are the angels by Eivør Pálsdóttir