Dualism: I’m of Two Minds on It: Index

Actually, the dualism posts are part of the “Pretty Good Book” series.  However, they make up almost a third of that series, and will end up longer than my “Double Shadow” series.  In addition, the ideas are relevant, I think to the existing “Legends of the Fall” and the upcoming “Towards a Gnostic Orthodoxy” series.  Thus, I’m giving them an index page of their own for anyone who wants to look at dualism in depth without going through the rest of the other series.

I’m a Dualist, Except When I’m Not

The Decline of Dualism

Dualism and Its Discontents

Dualism:  I Want Your Drama, the Touch of Your Hand

Dualism:  Orthodoxy,  Heresy, Refrigerators, and Lawn Mowers

The Downside of Dualism:  Body and Soul

Dualism:  Living in a Material World

Chasing the Incarnation

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