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Lady Gaga in Concert for the Weekend

Lady Gaga is a favorite here at the Chequer-Board, so enjoy an entire concert!

Sara Bareilles for the Weekend


Sarah McLachlan for the Weekend

(Slightly Belated) REM for the Weekend

For All the Beatlemaniacs Out There: The White Album (complete!)

Some Beatlemania for the 50th Anniversary of Their Ed Sullivan Appearance

It was fifty years ago today….

More Music That I Like By Women Named Suzanne (or some form of that name)

Songs from one of my favorite albums of hers, 99.9 F°.

Susanna Hoffs with Matthew Sweet, and Also Solo!




Because it can’t always be heavy theology, but mostly because–well, Susanna Hoffs!

Norah Jones in Concert for the Weekend

Adele in Concert for the Weekend