A Double Shadow: Index

Recently I wrote a long series of posts about the Fall of Man, which I entitled, “Legends of the Fall”.  Since it was long, spanning 22 posts over three months, I provided an index at the end so that readers who are interested (especially those who might have come in in medias res) could follow the whole series from beginning to end.

About this time last year I re-read a book which I’d first read in high school, circa 1979, the science fiction novel of ideas A Double Shadow.  I found re-reading it after over thirty years truly interesting, and many of the ideas in the novel were connected to things I was thinking and blogging about.  I ended up writing a series of posts on the book–which, by the way, I’d recommend to all.

Anyway, I’m in the middle of another series now, and it occurred to me that some of the earlier series that I’ve done ought to have index pages for ready access as well, especially for newer readers who may have missed some of the posts from awhile back.  Therefore, I am posting here the links to my series on A Double Shadow.  Enjoy the posts, and if you’re intrigued, enjoy the book!

A Double Shadow, Part 1

A Double Shadow, Part 2:  Ethics

A Double Shadow, Part 3

A Double Shadow, Part 4

A Double Shadow, Part 5:  Finale

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