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The Pretenders for the Weekend (Again)


A live version of a song from my favorite Pretenders album, Learning to Crawl.

The Pretenders for the Weekend


My favorite Pretenders song of all time.  ❤

Joe Walsh for Lent

I’ve already got a music post scheduled to go up later today, as I try to do on Fridays.  However, it’s still Lent, and Fridays, especially Fridays in Lent, are particularly appropriate for confession.  Thus, I thought I’d post this blast from the past in honor of the season.  For those of you who are Catholics, there’s still slightly more than a week to get to Confession before Easter!  Whether or not you’re Catholic, enjoy!

A Rare, Retro Team-up

A different take on “Wouldn’t It Be Good”, with Howard Jones as guest.

Captain Beefheart for the Weekend

Sarah McLachlan for the Weekend

The Cocteau Twins for the Weekend

Smiths for the Weekend

Ramones for the Weekend

Doo-Wop for the Weekend