Polygenism, Human Origins, and the Soul: Index

This is actually part of an extended addendum to the “Legends of the Fall” series.  However, it’s taken on a life of its own and is now almost a third as long as the original series (and counting).  Thus, just as I gave the series on dualism its own index, I thought that this deserves as much.  It stands on its own, I think, but I’ve left it on the larger “Legends of the Fall” index, too.

Update 6 March 2018:  I have changed the name of this series from “Polygenism Revisited” to “Polygenism, Human Origins, and the Soul”.  This is for a few reasons.  One, I have come to the conclusion that some form of “hard” polygenesis–i.e., the evolution of Homo sapiens at different places, at different times, and from different local populations of precursor species, is very likely true.  Even if one still wanted to debate this–and the evidence is still not totally clear–I think it’s a useful heuristic, since, as I’ve said many times in the course of this series, I think it’s best to take the position most difficult to reconcile with one’s theology, as a way of avoiding the problem of the “God of the gaps”.

Two, I think the issues involved here cast a wider net than polygenesis per se; and I want to be free to look at the broader issues of human origins as they related to notions of the Fall of Mankind and the intimately connected issue of the Atonement.  Finally, recent research has increasingly painted a picture of animals as far more intelligent than previously believed, and of higher mammals as amazingly close to us in surprising ways.  I think this has implications for any theology of human souls and the supposed uniqueness of the human race.  Rather than starting a separate series for posts on that topic, I intend to place them here as I write them.  There is, after all, some logical connection.

Thus, in summary, stay tuned!  More to come in this space!

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Plants, Animals, Humans, and Souls

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