Towards a Gnostic Orthodoxy: Index

The second post here was actually written before I began this series, and was (and is) part of the series on the Bible, “The Pretty Good Book”.  However, I think it’s relevant here, as well, so I’m putting it right after the introductory post.

Towards a Gnostic Orthodoxy:  You Said What??!!

Dualism:  Orthodoxy, Heresy, Refrigerators, and Lawn Mowers

Open and Closed Systems, 1:  Open Systems

Open and Closed Systems, 2:  Closed Systems

Gnosticism and Orthodox Christianity:  Similarities

Dualism:  Living in a Material World

Towards a Gnostic Orthodoxy: Getting Rid of Anthropomorphism

Insights, Gnostic and Otherwise:  I Don’t Wanna Live in This Place (or do I?)

I Do Not Think That Word Means What You Think It Means


Gnostic Thoughts

The New Testament, translated by David Bentley Hart–a Review

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