Towards a Gnostic Orthodoxy: Index

The second post here was actually written before I began this series, and was (and is) part of the series on the Bible, “The Pretty Good Book”.  However, I think it’s relevant here, as well, so I’m putting it right after the introductory post.

Towards a Gnostic Orthodoxy:  You Said What??!!

Dualism:  Orthodoxy, Heresy, Refrigerators, and Lawn Mowers

Open and Closed Systems, 1:  Open Systems

Open and Closed Systems, 2:  Closed Systems

Gnosticism and Orthodox Christianity:  Similarities

Dualism:  Living in a Material World

Towards a Gnostic Orthodoxy: Getting Rid of Anthropomorphism

Insights, Gnostic and Otherwise:  I Don’t Wanna Live in This Place (or do I?)

I Do Not Think That Word Means What You Think It Means


Gnostic Thoughts

The New Testament, translated by David Bentley Hart–a Review

The Gospel of Thomas

There Are Three Kinds of People…

The Gnostic Mythos

Sex and Religion!  (Now that I have your attention…)

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