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A Queen Blast from the Past for the Weekend

Video Issues




I’m puzzled.  For some reason the videos I’ve posted lately can’t be seen; or at least they won’t play in the frame.  On Chrome and Firefox I’m seeing nothing at all–just a white space where the embedded video ought to be.  On Internet Explorer there’s a notification that the publisher of the content–apparently YouTube, since the content is from various posters there–does not allow the video to run in the frame because of security concerns (!), but at the bottom it provides a link that will take you to the video.  This is very annoying, and I’m going to try to get to the root of it.  Meanwhile, bear with me, and enjoy the videos in new windows.

Some Goofiness for Thursday

An 80’s Song to End the Weekend


One of my favorite songs from that decade.

Lightning Crashes

Two neat ultra-slow motion lightning videos!  (h/t Hidden Experience)

Two Videos for the Last Stretch of Summer

Two of my favorite songs from Cosmic Thing, which is my favorite B-52’s albums.  The second, “Topaz”, doesn’t have an official video, but it’s my favorite from the album, my favorite B-52’s song, and one of my favorite songs in general.  Enjoy these, and for those who will be going back to school soon as students or teachers, enjoy summer while it lasts!

Some Music for the Weekend


Baroque music and animation–what’s not to love?

For a Change of Pace, Music to Begin the Week: Bach

My absolute favorite string piece by Bach.  It always brings back memories of driving through the mountains in the spring on the way from home back to college (or vice versa) when I was in my  20’s.  The video is rather unusual, but in a clever way.  In any case, the music always does my heart good.  Enjoy!

Update:  The original video link seems to have become invalid, so I’ve replaced it with Itzhak Perlman’s version.  It’s still great!

Some Morten Lauridsen: Lux Aeterna



The Revolution Starts Now