Monthly Archives: July 2013

Rubá’í of the Day


What launched that golden orb his course to run,
What wrecks his firm foundations, when ’tis done,
No man of science ever weighed with scales,
Nor made assay with touchstone, no, not one!

Rubá’í of the Day


Ask not the chances of the time to be,
And for the past, ’tis vanished, as you see;
This ready-money breath set down as gain,
Future and past concern not you or me.

Rubá’í of the Day


I saw a bird perched on the walls of Tus,
Before him lay the skull of Kai Kawus,
And thus he made his moan, “Alas, poor king!
Thy drums are hushed, thy ‘larums have rung truce. “

Quote for the Week


The greatest minds, as they are capable of the highest excellencies, are open likewise to the greatest aberrations; and those who travel very slowly may yet make far greater progress, provided they keep always to the straight road, than those who, while they run, forsake it.

–René Descartes, Discourse on Method, Part 1; courtesy of Wikiquote

Rubá’í of the Day


O Thou! who know’st the secret thoughts of all,
In time of sorest need who aidest all,
Grant me repentance, and accept my plea,
O Thou who dost accept the pleas of all!

Rubá’í of the Day


We lay in the cloak of Naught, asleep and still,
Thou said’st, “Awake! taste the world’s good and ill”;
Here we are puzzled by Thy strange command,
From slanted jars no single drop to spill.

Rubá’í of the Day


I put my lips to the cup, for I did yearn
The hidden cause of length of days to learn;
He leaned his lip to mine, and whispered low,
“Drink! for, once gone, you never will return. “

Violin Concerto in D Major by Brahms

Rubá’í of the Day


My queen (long may she live to vex her slave!)
To-day a token of affection gave,
Darting a kind glance from her eyes, she passed,
And said, “Do good and cast it on the wave!”

Rubá’í of the Day


To-day to heights of rapture have I soared,
Yea, and with drunken Maghs pure wine adored;
I am become beside myself, and rest
In that pure temple, “Am not I your Lord?”