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Some Kitaro for the Weekend

Rubá’í of the Day


Man is a cup, his soul the wine therein,
Flesh is a pipe, spirit the voice within;
O Khayyam, have you fathomed what man is?
A magic lantern with a light therein!

Rubá’í of the Day

Torn pink admission ticket

I never would have come, had I been asked,
I would as lief not go, if I were asked,
And, to be short, I would annihilate
All coming, being, going, were I asked!

Rubá’í of the Day


Cheer up! your lot was settled yesterday!
Heedless of all that you might do or say,
Without so much as “By your leave” they fixed
Your lot for all the morrows yesterday!

Rubá’í of the Day


Omar! of burning heart, perchance to burn
In hell, and feed its bale-fires in thy turn,
Presume not to teach Allah clemency,
For who art thou to teach, or He to learn?

Rubá’í of the Day


Lord! make thy bounty’s cup for me to flow,
And bread unbegged for day by day bestow;
Yea, with thy wine make me beside myself.
No more to feel the headache of my woe!

Quote for the Week


A learning experience is one of those things that say, “You know that thing you just did? Don’t do that.”

–Douglas Adams, Interview in The Daily Nexus (5 April 2000), reprinted in The Salmon of Doubt; courtesy of Wikiquote.

Rubá’í of the Day


I wish that Allah would rebuild these skies,
And earth, and that at once, before my eyes,
And either ‘rase my name from off his roll,
Or else relieve my dire necessities!

Rubá’í of the Day


Frown not at revelers, I beg of thee,
For all thou keepest righteous company;
But drink, for, drink or no, ’tis all the same,
If doomed to hell, no heaven thou’lt ever see.

For All the Beatlemaniacs Out There: The White Album (complete!)