Reviews, Views, and Culture, Pop and Otherwise: Index

I noticed on my stats page that someone had read my review of Gladiator, which I posted a long time ago.  I’ve got some other movie, book, and other reviews that I’ve got planned (some written years ago, some that I’m planning to write), so I thought I’d make a central index for them as I get them written and posted.  Some essays will be not traditional reviews, but may look at themes in one or more works.  Within genres, reviews are alphabetized by the title of the work reviewed.  Enjoy!

Update (6 August 2018):  I have a number of posts on various topics which, while not quite (or not at all) reviews as such, still touch on various pop-culture (and sometimes mainstream culture) topics.  Rather than making a separate index for such posts, I’m renaming this page “Reviews, Views, and Culture, Pop and Otherwise” and putting in a separate section for the other posts I’ve written.  Enjoy!



A Double Shadow (this goes to the index for it, since I wrote several essays on it, none of them a traditional review–but, oh well)

His Dark Materials, Part 1:  Literary Agendas

His Dark Materials, Part 2:  Commitments, Propaganda, and Blurry Lines

Lion of Macedon



Star Trek (reboot), Part 1:  How to Do It Pretty Much Right

Star Trek (reboot), Part 2:  How to Do It Pretty Much Right

Star Trek:  The Motion Picture:  A Reconsideration (this is the index page, since this is an ongoing series on the movie)

The War Lord

If You See Yoda on the Road, Kill Him!


Mystery Science Theater 3000 (this is an index page for the occasional series I wrote on the show)

Space:  1999–A Brief Appreciation

Pop Culture

True (?) Identities

A Little Romance

The Most Evil Song of All Time!

The Second Most Evil Song of All Time!

Aliens, Robots, and Perpetual Motion

What is Needed for Good Science Fiction

Star Trek or Star Wars?

The Beatles or the Rolling Stones?

Space:  Stars, Solar Systems, Galaxies, and Such

Einstein and the Millennium Falcon–The Timeline of The Empire Strikes Back

Too Much Meta!

Space, the Final Frontier–and Why It Will Stay That Way

Aliens and Angels

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