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A Papal Mass and Three Chants for Epiphany

Epiphany–the Twelfth Day of Christmas–is today.  The Catholic Church in this country celebrates it on the nearest Sunday, and thus celebrated it this past Sunday this year; but the real Epiphany is today.

Some Chants For Epiphany




In American diocese, the Catholic Church has moved the feat of Epiphany (the traditional Twelfth Day of Christmas) from its correct location on 6 January to the nearest preceding weekend.  Thus, it was celebrated yesterday in Catholic parishes across the country.  I’ve always been an opponent of moving Holy Days of Obligation to Sundays in the (almost always vain) hope that it will get people more engaged. In any case, these chants (one for each of the Magi!) are going up on the real date for Epiphany.  Enjoy!