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Yesterday was “Radio Gaga”; today is Lady Gaga!  Long-time readers know that Lady Gaga is pretty big around here, so no suprise!  This is her duet with Bradley Cooper from the new version of A Star is Born.  Enjoy!

Ennio Morricone’s Soundtracks Live in Concert

Yellow Submarine for the Weekend

Music for the Snowpocalypse


I can’t find the movie in a free format to post, but at least I can offer the soundtrack to the climate change disaster movie The Day After Tomorrow as mood music for the record-breaking low temperatures and snow predicted for tomorrow.  And if it doesn’t happen, enjoy the music anyway!

Shaft Live

Some soul for the weekend from the late, great Isaac Hayes.

Fantastic Planet Soundtrack

Music from The Secret Life of Plants

Some of my favorites from Stevie Wonder’s soundtrack album, Journey Through the Secret Life of Plants.  An overlooked gem.