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Wednesday Matinee: End of the World


Dark religious secrets, aliens, and Christopher Lee!  ‘Nuff said!  (h/t to Christopher Knowles)

Saturday Matinee: Kingdom of the Spiders

Wednesday Matinee: Starship Invasions

Friday Matinee: The 4-D Man

Thursday Matinee: Planet of the Vampires

Some late-night camp, said to have been an influence on Ridley Scott’s seminal Alien.  Enjoy!

The Worst Movie of All Time!


At least that title is often given to the infamous Ed Wood film Plan 9 From Outer Space.  Enjoy!

Movie Night: Double Feature!

Saturday Matinee: The Man with the X-Ray Eyes


A Roger Corman classic, often considered his masterpiece, far transcending his usual low-budget oeuvre.

Movie Night: Some Old Sci-fi for Friday Night