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Some Belated (but relaxing!) Music for the Weekend

Relaxing Christmas Jazz for the Weekend

As a Catholic, I have to note that it’s still Advent–the Christmas season is 25 December to 6 January. Still, in terms of the secular holiday, ’tis (almost) the season; and this year in particular, said season is even more stressful than usual. Thus, enjoy ten hours of relaxing jazz after all that holiday shopping!

Calming, Healing Music for the Weekend

Eight Hours of Relaxation Music for the Equinox

Eight Hours of Music for Deep Sleep

Normally I post music on Fridays, but this has been a long, rough summer for me so far; and we could all use some relaxation music during the workweek (to say nothing of deep sleep music on Monday night!).  Eight solid hours–enjoy!

Three Hours of Space Ambient Music for the Weekend