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For All the Beatlemaniacs Out There: The White Album (complete!)

Some Beatlemania for the 50th Anniversary of Their Ed Sullivan Appearance

It was fifty years ago today….

More Music That I Like By Women Named Suzanne (or some form of that name)

Songs from one of my favorite albums of hers, 99.9 F°.

Susanna Hoffs with Matthew Sweet, and Also Solo!




Because it can’t always be heavy theology, but mostly because–well, Susanna Hoffs!

Norah Jones in Concert for the Weekend

Adele in Concert for the Weekend

Some Nik Kershaw for the Weekend

He’s in the top ten of my favorite 80’s singers (though IMO he’s had a lot of good stuff since then, too; e.g. the video here).

The Police Live: Invisible Sun

With guest vocals by Bono.

Some 80’s for the Night: Joe Jackson


A few years ago a local radio station started a new format and started billing itself as an 80’s music station.  I listened to it for awhile, but it was a disappointment.  It didn’t play the weird or quirky stuff from that decade, which didn’t surprise me.  Most oldies stations do that–they do sort of a Top 10 version of the decade in question.  This one didn’t even do that–it was a subset of a Top 10 station, playing some artists–Michael Jackson, the B-52’s, the Eurhythmics, and such–in heavy rotation, with a smattering of others; while many other songs and artists that were very prevalent in the 80’s were nowhere to be heard.  Joe Jackson is a case in point–I clearly remember that in the early 80’s, he was wall-to-wall over the airwaves.  I don’t think I ever heard him on the station I mentioned.  It eventually changed to a generic oldies, playing mostly 70’s with a bit of other stuff.  Anyway, I heard “Steppin’ Out” on a grocery store’s sound system this morning, not having heard it in years, and thought it deserved a post.  Enjoy!

Under Pressure


When I went to YouTube for the David Bowie video at the top of this post, I saw this in the related videos tab.  This is one of my favorite Queen songs, and one of my favorites from the 80’s in general.  Thus, I figured, what the heck–I’ll post it!