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A Chant for Saints Cyril and Methodius, Patron Saints of Europe

Not only is this St. Valentine’s Day, but it is their feast day, too.

A Chant for St. Peter and St. Paul


Today is the feast day of Sts. Peter and Paul.

A Chant for St. Nicholas’s Day


Today is his feast day.

A Chant for Orthodox Easter


Easter is celebrated today in the Orthodox Church.

Some Georgian Orthodox Chant to End the Weekend

h/t the Ochlophobist 

Akathist to the Archangel Michael, in Remembrance of 9/11



Hard to believe that this is the beginning of the second decade after the attack on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon.  For many years, I’d observe the anniversary by praying the Akathist (a genre of Orthodox prayer directed to Christ, Mary, or a saint) to the Archangel Michael.  As leader of the Heavenly Host, he is a logical intercessor for protection.  In any case, over the years, my emphasis has shifted from themes of protection to themes of peace and reconciliation.  Still, I present the Akathist in honor of the day.  This beautiful chant does the prayer much greater justice that I ever could (I recited instead of singing, and I did it in English, not Ukranian!).

An Orthodox Chant for the Departed


The Brahms Requiem is a bit long, so this is another piece for the departed, in keeping with the theme of the weekend, which is both short and very beautiful. If you’ve never heard Orthodox chant before, then give it a listen.  Be patient–there’s a long sequence of bells before the chant begins.