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Beginning today and continuing as an ongoing project, I’m going to add a couple of new tabs to this site.

There are a lot of complicated topics I talk about here, and while I frequently give links to other sites (particularly Wikipedia), I have often felt that a reading list or bibliography or reference page would be a good thing to have for those who wish to explore the topics here in greater depth. I’ve been thinking about the best way to do this, and have decided to try the following, as an experiment.

I’m going to add two tabs–new pages–to this site to the ones above (Home, About, Contact Me, and Series Indices).  One will be the Library.  I will use it to post links to PDF versions of public-domain books and articles relevant to the things I post about and discuss here.  You will be able to click on the links and read the documents, and download them for free, if you like.

The second tab will be the Store.  It will be a link to my store, which I’m gradually stocking with books I’ve read relevant to the topics we talk about here (and sometimes to books that aren’t relevant. but that are good books).  I’ll use books that I’ve read myself or that I know by reputation to be worthwhile.  The thing is that I cannot put the store here because of policies.  Therefore, I’ve created another blog, The Caravanserai, at  The Store tab will have a link to it.  On that homepage, to the right, is the link to the Amazon store–click on it, and it will take you there.  As time goes on, I may add other items to the store; but I want to see how things play out first.

Finally, the second blog won’t have as much original content as this one–it always amazes me that some people have the energy to keep up multiple blogs–but I will put up content there.  There will be movies and music, just as there are here; there will be some original essays, probably more dealing with literature, book reviews, and pop culture; and while I’ll mirror some of the content from here to there, I’ll not duplicate it all.  I’ll have some original stuff at the Caravanseri that’s not here, so it’ll be worth checking out in its own right. Meanwhile, I’ll continue with business as usual here.

It will take me a little while to get everything up and running, so please be patient.  Meanwhile, I hope you continue to enjoy the content here and that you get something out of it!