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Universalism in Various Religions: Miscellany

We’ve looked at universalism in the Abrahamic and Dharmic faiths.  There are other important religious traditions to consider, but the remaining ones, by and large, cannot be grouped together as we’ve done in the last two posts.  Therefore, this post will be a bit of a grab bag.  The order in which I consider the various religions with which I’m dealing here will be broadly by type or cultural zone (e.g. I’ll look at the Chinese religions together); but once more, there will be no formal grouping of religions by category as before.  Therefore, go below the cut tag and we’ll begin!

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I can’t find a streamable version of Groundhog Day, so here’s something for Imbolc, which it also is today (well, actually yesterday, but it’s closer than I got to St. Thomas’s feast day….).  Some nice musical and religious syncretism for the day–enjoy!