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Religious Miscellany: Index


The vast majority of the religion-oriented essays I’ve written here have been parts of various series:  Legends of the Fall, The Pretty Good Book, and so on.  However, there have been a few random essays that didn’t fit specifically within any of my series.  Moreover, I have some ideas for non-series related essays on various religious topics that I will be writing and posting in the near future, as time permits.  I thought it might not be a bad idea to have a central location from which these essays may be found; therefore this:  another index page!  I hope the essays here will be of interest to all, and there will be more to come.

Religion and Religions

I Have Sinned, but It Wasn’t My Fault

Theism:  Poly, Mono, Heno, and Other Options

How to Make a Universe

The Brothers Guthrie:  Pagan Christianity of the Early 20th Century

How to Look at Religions

Creation vs. Emanation

The Abrahamic Faiths

The Dharmic Faiths

Dream a Little Dream

Be All That You Can Be:  Potentiality and Actuality

Story of Our Lives

Stories Like Ours

The Apple and the Multiverse Revisited:  The Emanations of God

God and Rocks

I Want Your Psycho, Your Vertigo Schtick:  Lady Gaga, Open Theology, and My 1500th Post!

Taoism in Brief

Attaining Nibbana: Orientalism, Protestantism, and Translation

Who Do Men Say That I Am?

Christ and Mythology

Picking and Choosing: Religious Affiliation


The Long Journey to the Trinity

(Body) and Soul

In Praise of the Cat Path; or, I Can’t Save Me

I Ain’t Got No Body, Revisited: Rethinking Angels


Star Trek: Index

Star Trek Logo

I’m working on a multi-part review of Star Trek:  The Motion Picture.  I’ve put up two installments thus far, and will post at least two further (perhaps more).  I’ll be putting them under the “Reviews” section.  However, as a long-time fan of Star Trek in all its various iterations, particularly the original series (TOS), I may do more posts of a Trek-related nature now and then.  Thus, I’m putting up this index page for the continuing voyages of Trek writing, in which I’m also putting my earlier reviews of J. J. Abrams’s 2009 movie.  Live long and prosper!

Star Trek (reboot), Part 1:  How to Do It Pretty Much Right

Star Trek (reboot), Part 2:  How to Do It Pretty Much Right

In Keeping With the Star Trek Theme

Movie Review:  Star Trek:  The Motion Picture, Part 1–Pre-incarnation

Movie Review:  Star Trek:  The Motion Picture, Part 2–Synopsis

Movie Review:  Star Trek:  The Motion Picture, Part 3–Pretty Sounds and Colors!

Movie Review:  Star Trek:  The Motion Picture, Part 4–Script

Movie Review:  Star Trek:  The Motion Picture, Part 5–Cast

STTMP, Part 6:  A Few Words about Costumes (ugh!)

STTMP, Part 7:  Director

Star Trek or Star Wars?

Universalism (What the Hell?!): Index

Once again, a sub-thread within my “Legends of the Fall” series has taken on a life of its own, to the extent of meriting its own index.  I don’t know how many more will end up here, but there are probably lots to come, either within “Legends of the Fall” or in this series outright.  Have a hell (or heaven, or none of the above) time reading these posts!

Legends of the Fall:  Reflections

Hell, Salafis, Philosophers, and Playing the Odds

Out of the Closet

A Helluva Post on the Rectification of Names

Excursus:  John Scottus Eriugena

To Hell in a Nice Handbasket

Interlude:  Questions, Objections, Issues

An Analysis of Universalism

Defining Terms and a Recap

Universalism, I Presume?

Damnation:  Inside, Outside, Upside Down

Universalism:  Summary (for now)

The parent series, “Legends of the Fall”, is going in a different direction, so the following addenda will be only in this index, though some may later cross back over.

If I Only Wanted To

The Divine Exception

Been a Long Time, Been a Long Time, Been an Aeviternal Time

Change My Mind (?)

Stubborn Highlanders

Sea Battles and What Will Be

The Divine Exception, Revisited

Simply Irresistible (or not?)

Some Preliminary Groundwork

Confucius and Socrates

More on Universalism–Compulsion vs. Choice

All Things Dull and Ugly

Choices and Consequences

The Mind is Like a Mirror Bright

I Want Your Love and I Want Your Revenge

Stubborn Highlanders Revisited, and Antinomies of Pure Reason

Arguments Against Universalism:  Missing the Point

On Anti-Universalist Arguments (reblogged from Opus Publicum)

Arguments Against Universalism: Justice Must Be Served, Part 1–Retribution

Arguments Against Universalism: Justice Must Be Served, Part 2–Just Desserts

Arguments Against Universalism: Justice Must Be Served, Part3–An Eye for an Eye?

Arguments Against Universalism: Your Own Damn Fault, Part 1–Rules are Rules

Arguments Against Universalism: Your Own Damn Fault, Part 2–Better to Reign in Hell

Universalism: Scripture and Tradition

Excursus: The Beatific Vision

Universalism: Is It Coherent?

Universalism in Various Religions: The Abrahamic Faiths

Universalism in Various Religions: The Dharmic Faiths

Universalism in Various Religions: Miscellany

Heaven, Hell, and the Religions

The New Testament, translated by David Bentley Hart–a Review

Arguments Against Universalism: Missing the Point, Revisited

The Good, the True, and the Beautiful, and Why We Shouldn’t Misbehave

Scandal and Universalism