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Movie Night: Phantom of the Opera


The classic, silent Lon Cheney, Sr. version.

Movie Night: Werewolf of London


A classic horror film, which, along with Lon Chaney, Jr.’s The Wolf Man, was the seminal werewolf movie.

Wednesday Late Movie: White Zombie

Saturday Matinee: Shivers

Some old David Cronenberg for the afternoon–enjoy!

Update:  Alternate title:  They Came from Within (didn’t know that).  Therefore, probably NSFW!

Thursday Morning Sci-Fi: The Invisible Ray

An old Boris Karollf movie–not one of his better-known ones, but still worth a look.  Enjoy!

Movie Night: Nosferatu

Another silent horror classic, and another triumph of German Expressionist cinema.

Saturday Matinee: The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

A silent German Expressionist classic.

Movie Night: Incubus


William Shatner, occultism, and all in Esperanto!  What’s not to love?  It’s actually not a bad movie–weird, but interesting.