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Music for Labor Day

A Classic Song from Woody Guthrie

For the Equinox

As a result of reduced computer access (resulting, in turn, from computer issues), I’ve not been posting much lately, and have fallen behind on music videos and quotes for the weekend.  Enjoy this music for the fall equinox; and wish me luck in getting a new computer within the next week or so, so that I can resume a more regular schedule.

For Labor Day


I posted these a few years ago for Labor Day Weekend.  Pete Seeger died early this year, so this is both a tribute to him and an expression of support for working people as only Pete could do it.

A Prayer and a Song for St. Lucy

Today is her feast day.

Some Pete Seeger for Labor Day Weekend

For Those Starting School


School starts today both for me (as a college teacher) and my daugher (as a fourth-grader), coincidentally.  In different areas, school starts back at different times.  In any case, whether you’ve already started, start today, have not started yet, or are neither a student nor teacher, enjoy this video by Tom Chapin.

One More Folk Song to Start the Week

Still as relevant as ever.

For Everyone Starting Back to School (Teachers, too!)