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12″ Disco Mix for the Weekend

Boogie on down!

Some Groovie Ghoulies for Halloween

A blast from the past for Halloween!

Elton John for Saturday

In full 70’s flamboyance!  Enjoy!

Bob Marley for the Weekend

Ramones for the Weekend

David Bowie for the Weekend


Nothing like a little Ziggy Stardust!

Genesis Live, 1973

Progressive art rock!  Freaky costumes!  The 70’s!  Peter Gabriel!  ‘Nuff said!

Some Jethro Tull for the Weekend

Shaft Live

Some soul for the weekend from the late, great Isaac Hayes.

Some East-West Fusion for the Weekend


Given all the talk about reincarnation East and West, I thought I’d toss out some Mahavishnu Orchestra!  An oldie but–well, that depends a lot on your tastes and your tolerance for art rock/East-West fusion.  Anyway, enjoy!