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The Most Evil Song of All Time!

Now that I’ve got your attention…. 😉  First, let me tell you what I don’t mean.  I don’t mean it’s a poorly-crafted song–it’s quite well done.  I’m not saying I dislike Savage Garden–they were a very listenable pop group, and another song of theirs, “To the Moon and Back”, is quite a good song, which I like a lot.  I’m certainly not saying the song is evil in the sense that certain people over the decades have claimed that rock is “the Devil’s music”, or that hidden backward messages are planted in songs, or any of that claptrap.  So, you may then ask, what the heck do you mean?

In order to do that, I’ll have to quote some of the lyrics, my emphasis.  It’s easy enough to Google song lyrics, but if you’re too lazy to do so, they can be found here, among many, many other sites.  I provide the link so that you can see the entire context for the lyrics I’m going to quote here.  The parts I’m going to quote adequately make my case, I think; but I don’t want anyone to think that I’m cutting out stuff that contradicts my thesis.  In fact, I’m also going to quote part of the song that actually does indicate (slightly) the opposite of what I’m arguing for.

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More Music That I Like By Women Named Suzanne (or some form of that name)

Songs from one of my favorite albums of hers, 99.9 F°.

Susanna Hoffs with Matthew Sweet, and Also Solo!




Because it can’t always be heavy theology, but mostly because–well, Susanna Hoffs!