Cranking it Up

shop-force1Those who follow this blog regularly may have noticed I’d lapsed from regular updates.  I think I had gone since about this time in 2012 without missing a day, at least for the poems (first the “Rubá’í of the Day”, then the “Daily Whitman” series).  This April, for the first time since then, I missed a couple of days.  I caught up, then missed again, then let things lapse for a bit.

Sometimes a bit of a hiatus  is necessary.  Things have been hectic, and I’ve had other things that needed my attention.  Also, as someone who can be a bit obsessive-compulsive, I sometimes have to step back.  It’s been a bit of a vacation, and it was needed, I think.

Starting this week, I began the “Quote for the Week” series again; and I’m working to catch up to the present with the selections from Leaves of Grass.  Once I get there, I’m going to try to maintain the daily pace again, perhaps while working with better work strategies.  In short, I’ll try to figure out how (to follow the cliche) to work smarter, not harder, in getting things done.

It has been even longer since I’ve updated any of my other series, and I do have some essays I still want to get done.  However, I’m trying to do baby steps, so to speak.  I’ll get there, but it may take awhile.

Meanwhile, I appreciate your patience, readers, and hope you continue to fing things to enjoy here at the Chequer-Board!

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