Daily Whitman

3558-Dzibilchaltun Equinox

Chanting the Square Deific

  Aloof, dissatisfied, plotting revolt,
  Comrade of criminals, brother of slaves,
  Crafty, despised, a drudge, ignorant,
  With sudra face and worn brow, black, but in the depths of my heart,
      proud as any,
  Lifted now and always against whoever scorning assumes to rule me,
  Morose, full of guile, full of reminiscences, brooding, with many wiles,
  (Though it was thought I was baffled, and dispel'd, and my wiles
      done, but that will never be,)
  Defiant, I, Satan, still live, still utter words, in new lands duly
      appearing, (and old ones also,)
  Permanent here from my side, warlike, equal with any, real as any,
  Nor time nor change shall ever change me or my words.


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