Daily Whitman


Chanting the Square Deific

  Consolator most mild, the promis'd one advancing,
  With gentle hand extended, the mightier God am I,
  Foretold by prophets and poets in their most rapt prophecies and poems,
  From this side, lo! the Lord Christ gazes—lo! Hermes I—lo! mine is
      Hercules' face,
  All sorrow, labor, suffering, I, tallying it, absorb in myself,
  Many times have I been rejected, taunted, put in prison, and
      crucified, and many times shall be again,
  All the world have I given up for my dear brothers' and sisters'
      sake, for the soul's sake,
  Wanding my way through the homes of men, rich or poor, with the kiss
      of affection,
  For I am affection, I am the cheer-bringing God, with hope and
      all-enclosing charity,
  With indulgent words as to children, with fresh and sane words, mine only,
  Young and strong I pass knowing well I am destin'd myself to an
      early death;
  But my charity has no death—my wisdom dies not, neither early nor late,
  And my sweet love bequeath'd here and elsewhere never dies.


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