Daily Whitman


Chanting the Square Deific

  Chanting the square deific, out of the One advancing, out of the sides,
  Out of the old and new, out of the square entirely divine,
  Solid, four-sided, (all the sides needed,) from this side Jehovah am I,
  Old Brahm I, and I Saturnius am;
  Not Time affects me—I am Time, old, modern as any,
  Unpersuadable, relentless, executing righteous judgments,
  As the Earth, the Father, the brown old Kronos, with laws,
  Aged beyond computation, yet never new, ever with those mighty laws rolling,
  Relentless I forgive no man—whoever sins dies—I will have that man's life;
  Therefore let none expect mercy—have the seasons, gravitation, the
      appointed days, mercy? no more have I,
  But as the seasons and gravitation, and as all the appointed days
      that forgive not,
  I dispense from this side judgments inexorable without the least remorse.


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