Daily Whitman



Passage to India

  Singing my days,
  Singing the great achievements of the present,
  Singing the strong light works of engineers,
  Our modern wonders, (the antique ponderous Seven outvied,)
  In the Old World the east the Suez canal,
  The New by its mighty railroad spann'd,
  The seas inlaid with eloquent gentle wires;
  Yet first to sound, and ever sound, the cry with thee O soul,
  The Past! the Past! the Past!

  The Past—the dark unfathom'd retrospect!
  The teeming gulf—the sleepers and the shadows!
  The past—the infinite greatness of the past!
  For what is the present after all but a growth out of the past?
  (As a projectile form'd, impell'd, passing a certain line, still keeps on,
  So the present, utterly form'd, impell'd by the past.)


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