Daily Whitman

Plowing the Field

The Return of the Heroes

  Loud O my throat, and clear O soul!
  The season of thanks and the voice of full-yielding,
  The chant of joy and power for boundless fertility.

  All till'd and untill'd fields expand before me,
  I see the true arenas of my race, or first or last,
  Man's innocent and strong arenas.

  I see the heroes at other toils,
  I see well-wielded in their hands the better weapons.

  I see where the Mother of All,
  With full-spanning eye gazes forth, dwells long,
  And counts the varied gathering of the products.

  Busy the far, the sunlit panorama,
  Prairie, orchard, and yellow grain of the North,
  Cotton and rice of the South and Louisianian cane,
  Open unseeded fallows, rich fields of clover and timothy,
  Kine and horses feeding, and droves of sheep and swine,
  And many a stately river flowing and many a jocund brook,
  And healthy uplands with herby-perfumed breezes,
  And the good green grass, that delicate miracle the ever-recurring grass.

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