Daily Whitman


By Blue Ontario’s Shore

  For the great Idea,
  That, O my brethren, that is the mission of poets.

  Songs of stern defiance ever ready,
  Songs of the rapid arming and the march,
  The flag of peace quick-folded, and instead the flag we know,
  Warlike flag of the great Idea.

  (Angry cloth I saw there leaping!
  I stand again in leaden rain your flapping folds saluting,
  I sing you over all, flying beckoning through the fight—O the
      hard-contested fight!
  The cannons ope their rosy-flashing muzzles—the hurtled balls scream,
  The battle-front forms amid the smoke—the volleys pour incessant
      from the line,
  Hark, the ringing word Charge!—now the tussle and the furious
      maddening yells,
  Now the corpses tumble curl'd upon the ground,
  Cold, cold in death, for precious life of you,
  Angry cloth I saw there leaping.)


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