Daily Whitman



By Blue Ontario’s Shore

  Ages, precedents, have long been accumulating undirected materials,
  America brings builders, and brings its own styles.

  The immortal poets of Asia and Europe have done their work and
      pass'd to other spheres,
  A work remains, the work of surpassing all they have done.

  America, curious toward foreign characters, stands by its own at all
  Stands removed, spacious, composite, sound, initiates the true use
      of precedents,
  Does not repel them or the past or what they have produced under
      their forms,
  Takes the lesson with calmness, perceives the corpse slowly borne
      from the house,
  Perceives that it waits a little while in the door, that it was
      fittest for its days,
  That its life has descended to the stalwart and well-shaped heir who
  And that he shall be fittest for his days.

  Any period one nation must lead,
  One land must be the promise and reliance of the future.

  These States are the amplest poem,
  Here is not merely a nation but a teeming Nation of nations,
  Here the doings of men correspond with the broadcast doings of the
      day and night,
  Here is what moves in magnificent masses careless of particulars,
  Here are the roughs, beards, friendliness, combativeness, the soul loves,
  Here the flowing trains, here the crowds, equality, diversity, the
      soul loves.


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