Improved Indexing

1726A slight heads up to a small change I’m making that hopefully will make this blog a little more user-friendly.  I already have a page for the series indices (see above) and a bar with links to the indices to the lower right.  However, a visitor coming on a given post might not know what series (or sometimes what group of series, since some posts are in more than one series) that post belongs to.  Even worse, I will sometimes end a post by saying, “Next time we’ll discuss such-and-such.”  I mean, of course, the next time in that series.  However, many posts and weeks or months may intervene between the current post and the next in its series; and the casual reader would have no way of knowing where that next post is.  I know I’ve been frustrated by this on other blogs.

Therefore, I am beginning to go to each post that is part of a series, and linking to the series index at the bottom of the post.  At this point there will be, in italics, a sentence:  Part of the series X, where X is the name of the series and contains a hyperlink to the proper series index.  Thus, suppose a given post goes up in March and ends with a teaser of the next time, but the next in the series doesn’t go up until September.  Now all one will have to do is to click the link at the bottom to go to the series index; and from there, it will be easy enough to find the next installment in the series, if it’s been published yet.

Obviously, given the large numbers of series and posts I’ve got, this will take awhile.  Some posts, as I said, belong to multiple series and will thus need multiple links.  In this case, I’ll put the main series index link first, followed by any subsidiary or “nested” series.  I expect that it will take several weeks or months to get all posts indexed, so please be patient.  The final results, though, will be worth the efforts, and will make navigating around here substantially easier.  Meanwhile, enjoy the blog!

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