Daily Whitman


Rise O Days from Your Fathomless Deeps

  Rise O days from your fathomless deeps, till you loftier, fiercer sweep,
  Long for my soul hungering gymnastic I devour'd what the earth gave me,
  Long I roam'd amid the woods of the north, long I watch'd Niagara pouring,
  I travel'd the prairies over and slept on their breast, I cross'd
      the Nevadas, I cross'd the plateaus,
  I ascended the towering rocks along the Pacific, I sail'd out to sea,
  I sail'd through the storm, I was refresh'd by the storm,
  I watch'd with joy the threatening maws of the waves,

  I mark'd the white combs where they career'd so high, curling over,
  I heard the wind piping, I saw the black clouds,
  Saw from below what arose and mounted, (O superb! O wild as my
      heart, and powerful!)
  Heard the continuous thunder as it bellow'd after the lightning,
  Noted the slender and jagged threads of lightning as sudden and
      fast amid the din they chased each other across the sky;
  These, and such as these, I, elate, saw—saw with wonder, yet pensive
      and masterful,
  All the menacing might of the globe uprisen around me,
  Yet there with my soul I fed, I fed content, supercilious.

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