Daily Whitman


With Antecedents

  With antecedents,
  With my fathers and mothers and the accumulations of past ages,
  With all which, had it not been, I would not now be here, as I am,
  With Egypt, India, Phenicia, Greece and Rome,
  With the Kelt, the Scandinavian, the Alb and the Saxon,
  With antique maritime ventures, laws, artisanship, wars and journeys,
  With the poet, the skald, the saga, the myth, and the oracle,
  With the sale of slaves, with enthusiasts, with the troubadour, the
      crusader, and the monk,
  With those old continents whence we have come to this new continent,
  With the fading kingdoms and kings over there,
  With the fading religions and priests,
  With the small shores we look back to from our own large and present shores,
  With countless years drawing themselves onward and arrived at these years,
  You and me arrived—America arrived and making this year,
  This year! sending itself ahead countless years to come.


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