Daily Whitman


A Song of the Rolling Earth

  I swear the earth shall surely be complete to him or her who shall
      be complete,
  The earth remains jagged and broken only to him or her who remains
      jagged and broken.

  I swear there is no greatness or power that does not emulate those
      of the earth,
  There can be no theory of any account unless it corroborate the
      theory of the earth,
  No politics, song, religion, behavior, or what not, is of account,
      unless it compare with the amplitude of the earth,
  Unless it face the exactness, vitality, impartiality, rectitude of
      the earth.

  I swear I begin to see love with sweeter spasms than that which
      responds love,
  It is that which contains itself, which never invites and never refuses.

  I swear I begin to see little or nothing in audible words,
  All merges toward the presentation of the unspoken meanings of the earth,
  Toward him who sings the songs of the body and of the truths of the earth,
  Toward him who makes the dictionaries of words that print cannot touch.

  I swear I see what is better than to tell the best,
  It is always to leave the best untold.

  When I undertake to tell the best I find I cannot,
  My tongue is ineffectual on its pivots,
  My breath will not be obedient to its organs,
  I become a dumb man.

  The best of the earth cannot be told anyhow, all or any is best,
  It is not what you anticipated, it is cheaper, easier, nearer,
  Things are not dismiss'd from the places they held before,
  The earth is just as positive and direct as it was before,
  Facts, religions, improvements, politics, trades, are as real as before,
  But the soul is also real, it too is positive and direct,
  No reasoning, no proof has establish'd it,
  Undeniable growth has establish'd it.

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