Daily Whitman


Song of the Broad-Axe

  Her shape arises,
  She less guarded than ever, yet more guarded than ever,
  The gross and soil'd she moves among do not make her gross and soil'd,
  She knows the thoughts as she passes, nothing is conceal'd from her,
  She is none the less considerate or friendly therefor,
  She is the best belov'd, it is without exception, she has no reason
      to fear and she does not fear,
  Oaths, quarrels, hiccupp'd songs, smutty expressions, are idle to
      her as she passes,
  She is silent, she is possess'd of herself, they do not offend her,
  She receives them as the laws of Nature receive them, she is strong,
  She too is a law of Nature—there is no law stronger than she is.

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