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Rubá’í of the Day

‘Tis labor lost thus to all doors to crawl,
Take thy good fortune, and thy bad withal;
Know for a surety each must play his game,
As from heaven’s dice-box fate’s dice chance to fall.

Quote for the Week

I was unable to devote myself to the learning of this algebra and the continued concentration upon it, because of obstacles in the vagaries of time which hindered me; for we have been deprived of all the people of knowledge save for a group, small in number, with many troubles, whose concern in life is to snatch the opportunity, when time is asleep, to devote themselves meanwhile to the investigation and perfection of a science; for the majority of people who imitate philosophers confuse the true with the false, and they do nothing but deceive and pretend knowledge, and they do not use what they know of the sciences except for base and material purposes; and if they see a certain person seeking for the right and preferring the truth, doing his best to refute the false and untrue and leaving aside hypocrisy and deceit, they make a fool of him and mock him.

Treatise on Demonstration of Problems of Algebra (1070).  Courtesy of Wikiquote.

Saturday Matinee: The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

A silent German Expressionist classic.

Rubá’í of the Day

To-day is thine to spend, but not to-morrow,
Counting on morrows breedeth naught but sorrow;
Oh! squander not this breath that heaven hath lent thee,
Nor make too sure another breath to borrow!

Some Arvo Pärt for the Weekend

Rubá’í of the Day

O soul! whose lot it is to bleed with pain,
And daily change of fortune to sustain,
Into this body wherefore didst thou come,
Seeing thou must at last go forth again?

Angoroj, parts 4-6

Angoroj, parts 1-3


La unua filmo komplete en Esperanto–Inkubo estis la duo.  (The first film completely in Esperanto–Incubus was the second.)

Rubá’í of the Day

Now with its joyful prime my age is rife,
I quaff enchanting wine, and list to fife;
Chide not at wine for all its bitter taste,
Its bitterness sorts well with human life!

How Shatner Changed the World


A matinee before the long Thanksgiving weekend.  Enjoy!